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Tired of reading books that feel like you've read the story before?  Want to have some fun reading instead of falling asleep from boredom?  We do too, and Double Up Press is looking to bring original books that give our readers a unique entertainment experience.  However, if you roll your "R's" and quote Shakespeare on a daily basis, these might not be the books for you. 

We proudly present our first novel, Bernie Takes Tahoe.

Join Bernie in this madcap adventure of gambling, love, and redemption set in South Lake Tahoe's 1975 swinging casino scene. Bernie's an eccentric, flamboyant, Elvis protégé with a waning career, but regrettably even more recognized as "Numbers" Bernie, a washed up gambler and bourbon slamming womanizer, obsessed with a failed numbers system. That is, until he has a meeting with destiny.

Once a top-notch entertainer, Bernie finally hits rock bottom one fateful evening after losing his gig at the lowly Pinecone Lounge. He takes a pensive moonlit walk by the lake where he has a chance (or is it chance?) encounter with a beautiful, mysterious woman with her clever white German Shepherd at her side. Bernie, the quintessential "man's-man," oddly finds himself spilling his guts to this attractive, toga-clad stranger as she falls in step with him. In turn, she gives him a “message of the day” to lift his dampened spirits.

After their encounter, a strong premonition deftly leads him to discover her message is even more uplifting at a roulette table. Bernie then desperately searches for this mystery woman to keep the gravy train rolling—along with adding her to his long list of female conquests. When Bernie finds her, the cash starts piling up, and a series of outrageous escapades, with a cast of unforgettable characters ensue, forever changing the course of his life, and the casinos of Stateline, Nevada.


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Author info

Arturo Raymond, the author of  The Adventures of "Number's" Bernie: Bernie Takes Tahoe, drew from his experiences growing up in Lake Tahoe—and his wildly overactive imagination—to create a madcap adventure featuring an unforgettable cast of characters set in the swinging casino scene of the 1970s. Arturo says, "If you love fun escapism, and want a break from most of today's almost indistinguishable, plain vanilla books smothering readers in estrogen and political correctness, then my new novel—and Bernie's following adventures—will pleasantly surprise you." If you enjoy a campy humorous read, you'll laugh until you cry from the foibles of the characters in this novel. Bernie, along with the entire blast from the past cast will give you more than your moneys worth in entertainment value. In conclusion, Arturo says, "You'll laugh, you'll cry, but you won't kiss your hard earned bucks' goodbye!"  


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