Just saw Gravity

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry but you won’t kiss your bucks good-bye . . . unless you spend it on the over-priced Parlor Room seats and mediocre food at Cinetopia/Vinetopia.  So the wife and i decided to splurge, and a splurge it was by the time we were done. For those of you who haven’t done Cinetopia before, they have several adult only theaters where you can order drinks and/or food with no screaming brats around to ruin your movie experience.

Our splurge was the Parlor Room as we got there too late to take in the Living Room show.  Great small theater, however, the seats definitely leave something to be desired.  No slanted backs, and the bottom cushions are not cushy, thereby leaving your rump half asleep by the time you are halfway through the movie (and this was a short movie).

The movie had fantastic special effects, but that was about it.  —>  Spoiler Alert!!!  They should have kept George Clooney’s character alive.   While GC’s acting is one-dimensional it fit the part perfectly.  Can’t say the same for Sandra Bullock.  Ok, let’s get real here – we’re not giving her enough credit. She really did have multidimensional acting, that is, if you consider mopey, wimpy, and indecisive as talent.  Sounds more like three of the seven dwarfs if you ask me.  Which you didn’t, but hey, I’m telling you how it is baby.

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